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The Hidden Agenda Projects

Earlier this month a friend, snowboard buddy and talented artist by the name of Kris Kupskay and I left the mountains and ventured into the city. Just outside of Vancouver is an area called Maple Ridge and there was a Gym in need of some love. Kris had been contacted by the local principal and teacher of Connex School to liven up the wall of the school gym. We wanted to create something interesting and unique so Kris had a yoga guru, Julia Mccabe join us…

Since aquiring a GoPro camera from Whistler Blackcomb, it has been a goal of mine to create a video like this. A goal and the passion to drive it, is the direction I want Mind Resolutions to move in. To help me portray this concept, I filmed and editied 4 minute video of the time lapse footage, Kris painting and Julia practicing Yoga. Perhaps you could share it to those who you think will appreciate it!

Connex Gym Art & Yoga Time Lapse from Richie Johnston on Vimeo.

Somewhere near Whistler

Fortune shone upon us again one snowy day not long ago… A very cool group of guests (Bob & Cole) decided to take on a Private Charter with Powder Mountain Heli and another instructor (Sean) and I were invited along. We spent the day darting around the Brandywine Valley in an A-Star Heli scoring fresh snow and epic views. With the GoPro light flashing we dropped into some of the best snow and interesting lines I have ridden in a long time. The following video is an edit SnowPro made for us with the footage we shot from the day.

What do you desire?

“Your shoes aren’t nearly as valuable as the experiences you’ve missed out on – because you were trying to keep them clean” – Profound words which really put life into perpective! Doing what I love and loving what I do is very important for both mind and body, Whistler is doing a great job at this for the time being. Enjoy this must watch video below and feel free to share your thoughts on it.

Learnings and Adventures along the way

The last year has seen development in my own direction of success. Highs and lows along the way have continued to shape who I am and what I want to be. Your Life Live It have helped me build awareness and have taught me many skills and tools as I studied throughout the Winter season. I am now qualified as an NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapist! The tools that I learned involve helping people with their limiting decisions & beliefs, fears, anxieties, phobias, public speaking and habit removal. These tools are useful in business, life and sport and I’m excited to continue practicing NLP in the future. At this stage I have practiced with friends and colleagues from the course I did in October. One of my most memorable sessions so far was a spider phobia removal. The session took a little under an hour and the whole process was done successfully over Skype! The next day she was able to calmly place herself in a more resourceful state and move the spider from her living room! There is a huge need for life coaching and psychology within sports. The more I learn about this area of development the more curious I become about how it can help myself and others.

Cycle Touring the Coromandel Peninsular

My American friend and Yoga guru Christina and I recently circumnavigated the Coromandel Peninsular on our bikes. We spend almost a week exploring the hilly North Island coastline staying with friends, family and local backpackers. In between countless hills we relaxed on beautiful beaches including Cathedral Cove, Hahei. The friendly locals made the trip even more enjoyable and the passing traffic on the roads were polite and courteous. At times the roads would become narrow, but with Christina’s fluro-orange gear and my lemon yellow kit we were seen clearly as we kept left. Over 450km was clocked up as we passed through Waihi, Whangamata, Pauanui, Hahei, Coromandel, Ruamahunga and Hot Water Beach. The experience of traveling becomes so much more rewarding and the senses are triggered in a way not possible by car. As we cruised along between 18 & 25kph we were able to take time to appreciate the sights, sounds and smells along the way. We constantly came across other cyclists who are just as willing to share their stories with us as we are to them. The passion of cycling is always a great conversation starter!

My cycling destination wish list continues to grow… Spain, Asia and South America are among the top places I would like to experience. To travel with a companion makes for an even more fun trip. Endless stories come from trips like these and I encourage everyone to look into this style of traveling as it is good for the soul.

I’ll be sure to maintain that fitness over the next few weeks leading up to Whistler! I leave Wanaka on November 19th and jet into Vancouver at noon on the 21st. I will continue to teach private lessons and train for the Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom in Big White, BC.

Best day of the season!

Freshies were enjoyed on a bright Sunday at Treble Cone! With more snow on the forecast, it’s going to be an awesome last few weeks of the 2012 season.

<p><a href=”″>Best Day of 2012? Riders and Sliders last day.</a> from <a href=””>Treble Cone</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Treble Cone Opening Day 2012

Opening Day at Treble Cone 2012 is always a special time to ride, no matter the conditions. Gearing up and getting the legs back for the season ahead with Rookie Academy. Smiles all round!

2012 Opening Day! from Treble Cone on Vimeo.

Splitboarding in the Garden of Eden, NZ

Friend Colin Boyd and his take on Splitboarding in New Zealand’s Remote Southern Alps. Great photos showcasing some of the Alps epic terrain.

Boyd Blog

Topo of the area

Day 4 in the Garden.  Photo: Shane Orchard

The 23rd October 2011 was a historic night for New Zealand.  But while nearly every kiwi throughout the world cheered the All Blacks on to win the Rugby World Cup Championship, eight of us watched lightening crack across the spring sky, reflecting off the surrounding mountaintops between thunderous booms.  The patter of precipitation was constant. Three days into a 5-day backcountry splitboard trip in the Southern Alps of NZ, we were camped on a little known glacier called “The Garden of Eden.”  John Pascoe, the man who bestowed such a fitting title, first laid eyes on it in the 1930’s, and has since been described as not a hospitable place to weather a storm.  Not heeding that advice, we found ourselves pinned down on the Garden of Eden, a place as epic as it sounds, in the…

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Somewhere in Fiordland, New Zealand

It’s been an exciting fun-filled couple of weeks since the season in Whistler finished up. Kenrae and I enjoyed a week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Family time in Christchurch followed by returning to Wanaka friends, just in time to see the Black Seeds perform.

I couldn’t think of a better way to experience New Zealand after returning home from my travels and the proof is below, however as i’m sure many of you know – the photos never do it justice. It was only meant to be a few days on the West Coast with Colin and Warrick however it turned into a week of waves, kayaking, hunting and fishing.

Due to a storm passing over the South Island followed closely by a King tidal system swamping New Zealand’s beaches, our plane was unable to land safely and pick us up. Oh well. I could think of worse places to be stranded! We had enough food and plenty of activities to keep ourselves occupied which made for an amazing week.

A video of the trip, including surfing footage will be uploaded to my Vimeo soon.

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15th Annual Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom

My heart beats faster and butterflies flap furiously. I strap my feet into my bindings and feel the board glide towards the start gate, this wax was a good choice. A blend of Rolling Stones and the announcers voice prepare me for my first run. Breathe!

This event is in memory of Neil Edgeworth, an influential Canadian snowboarder who passed away in 1997 in an avalanche in Chamonix, France while filming a photo shoot with friends.  The first banked slalom was in 1987 and was reintroduced in 1997 with an average of  245 people per year. A record 259 this year!

Once again, the Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom was a huge success. Riders young as 9 and old as 67 who love snowboarding come to Big White, BC and enjoy the spirit of competition. Keen riders, mostly from the Okanhagan and BC area ride down a natural gully full of ruts, berms and rollers. Crashes and fast runs are equally cheered with support even coming from the Ridge Rocket chairlift which passes overhead.

Flynn Seddon, Director of Terrain Park at Big White Ski Resort “The Neil Edgeworth banked slalom has defined itself as an epic true spirit gathering for the sport of snowboarding.  The gathering represents what snowboarding is all about and that is friends having fun.  The industry sponsors who support the banked slalom showed just how much it means to be a part of the weekend by donating over $25,000 worth of prizing and $5000 dollars in cash.”

My best time was done on day one, 1:18:98 placing me 1st place from 54 riders in the Male 25-34 category. During the presentation Flynn shared to everyone about my Kidney donation at the beginning of the season. I think it is awesome for people to know that donors can recover quickly and get on with their passions in life, with one of mine being snowboarding with friends.

2012 Neil Edgeworth Memorial results:

Thanks to all the Events & Terrain Park crew, Cathy from BC Snowboard Association, competitors, spectators, families and friends who made all this possible.

Photo credit: Jonnie Millan

It’s been 10 weeks!

Ten weeks ago my Dad and I underwent surgery in Christchurch Hospital. My procedure was an Open Nephrectomy, to give him a new lease on life by donating my left Kidney. 2011 presented some unprecedented challenges for both family and myself that I could never have anticipated. Although tough and stressful at times, I reflect on my journey and see it as more learning and appreciation for this life I lead.

An already strong bond within our family grew even though we live, at times a great distance apart. Our holistic approach to life helped us acknowledge the negatives and encourage the positives. The Initially I was afraid. The “What ifs” consumed my thoughts and I was scared for my Dad and my personal health. The more I researched the donation process and reading/listening to stories of success the more I wanted to go through with it. When I found out my blood and tissue type was a match with my Dad, I was overwhelmed with excitement.

Since the operation the 20cm scar is a reminder of my Dad, support of friends & family and general love for life. With the help of incredible surgery and hospital facilities, the donation has evolved to become a privilege for me. The bond between my Dad and I has reached a new level and as I read back on previous blog posts, all our goals have come true. He has the energy and freedom to do the things to better fulfil his life and share those experiences with Mum. Dialysis was super helpful and kept him alive and it was great to see his diligence with diet, routine and responsibility.

It has now become a new responsibility to look after his new gift, which his immune system could reject at any time. The assortment of drugs he takes will encourage his body to accept the new organ and this can last up to ten years functioning well. With his two redundant kidneys still left (which now probably resemble raisins) and my new one, he can return to a life full of enjoyment weather its dancing with Mum, biking, skiing and volunteering at local events.

Below is are some highlights from the weekend. After teaching a guest in Whistler, he and his mother shouted myself and Kenrae on a Cat trip into the hills just South of Whistler. Deep powder and large grins every run, every turn. It’s been a true test of my patience waiting until my body was ready for riding again,  an awesome way to remember 10 weeks on and celebrate it with waist deep freshies.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Cat Boarding from Richie Johnston on Vimeo.