Learnings and Adventures along the way

The last year has seen development in my own direction of success. Highs and lows along the way have continued to shape who I am and what I want to be. Your Life Live It have helped me build awareness and have taught me many skills and tools as I studied throughout the Winter season. I am now qualified as an NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapist! The tools that I learned involve helping people with their limiting decisions & beliefs, fears, anxieties, phobias, public speaking and habit removal. These tools are useful in business, life and sport and I’m excited to continue practicing NLP in the future. At this stage I have practiced with friends and colleagues from the course I did in October. One of my most memorable sessions so far was a spider phobia removal. The session took a little under an hour and the whole process was done successfully over Skype! The next day she was able to calmly place herself in a more resourceful state and move the spider from her living room! There is a huge need for life coaching and psychology within sports. The more I learn about this area of development the more curious I become about how it can help myself and others.

Cycle Touring the Coromandel Peninsular

My American friend and Yoga guru Christina and I recently circumnavigated the Coromandel Peninsular on our bikes. We spend almost a week exploring the hilly North Island coastline staying with friends, family and local backpackers. In between countless hills we relaxed on beautiful beaches including Cathedral Cove, Hahei. The friendly locals made the trip even more enjoyable and the passing traffic on the roads were polite and courteous. At times the roads would become narrow, but with Christina’s fluro-orange gear and my lemon yellow kit we were seen clearly as we kept left. Over 450km was clocked up as we passed through Waihi, Whangamata, Pauanui, Hahei, Coromandel, Ruamahunga and Hot Water Beach. The experience of traveling becomes so much more rewarding and the senses are triggered in a way not possible by car. As we cruised along between 18 & 25kph we were able to take time to appreciate the sights, sounds and smells along the way. We constantly came across other cyclists who are just as willing to share their stories with us as we are to them. The passion of cycling is always a great conversation starter!

My cycling destination wish list continues to grow… Spain, Asia and South America are among the top places I would like to experience. To travel with a companion makes for an even more fun trip. Endless stories come from trips like these and I encourage everyone to look into this style of traveling as it is good for the soul.

I’ll be sure to maintain that fitness over the next few weeks leading up to Whistler! I leave Wanaka on November 19th and jet into Vancouver at noon on the 21st. I will continue to teach private lessons and train for the Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom in Big White, BC.

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