Know your Kidneys

Know your Kidneys

A paradigm shift takes place when the idea of donating a Kidney becomes real. Values and awareness of everything I knew to be relevant in my life were re-defined and a new shift took place. With the help of friends, family and New Zealand’s health care professionals, I was able to make an informed and proud decision to give part of me to my Dad. A part that many of us do not need!

Health, fitness and general well-being are characteristics that make up a well rounded person. The type of person that my family and I like to surround ourselves with every day! After meeting with the Surgeons, Psychologist and other health professionals the decision to donate became even more comfortable.

Off for a hot-lap around the Urology Unit.

The support network was much more than I ever anticipated, both before, during and years after the operation.  November 7th 2011 on the 5th floor of the Christchurch Hospital was a day that transformed my Dad and I lives forever. Over a few hours I was was opened up along a 20cm incision parallel to my left ribs.

Sweet… My core snowboarding muscles won’t be sliced apart!

After 3 weeks of pain killers, resting and loving friends and family I stepped on a plane bound for Canada. Once I arrived I rested for two weeks slowly increasing my activity levels. By 5-6 weeks I was able to Snowboard on Whistler and start my new job with the Snow School. A season of strengthening, continuing to eat well and mind training I was able to compete once again achieving podium level.

Richie Johnston
The Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom

Dad and I both know that the success of the transplant depends on how our bodies and his immune system adjust, however the results of our improved health and happiness are immeasurable. Please visit Give a Little to find out more about my goal.

Dad & I catch England vs Romania


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