Coaching | Now online with BK PRO

It’s an exciting time to be a coach. Especially when technology mixed with a dream lines up to create something unique and engaging.

I will be part of a team coach Bud Keene has put together to initiate coaching through his new online application BKPRO.

If you are training towards an Instructors exam or need some feedback on your carving, freestyle or bumps this will be an invaluable resource.

Look for my free & paid rider tip videos throughout the season ahead. If you have any questions about how you can get involved, just ask!


Select your coach

“With this App a rider or skier anywhere in the world who is trying to improve on or learn anything – a backside 540, nailing an SBX feature, or even a double or triple cork can say to her or himself ‘I wonder what Bud (or coach X, or athlete Y) has to say about this’, and then send us the clip. Within 48 hours – and usually much faster – it’ll be returned to them in the form of a Professional Video Coaching Session complete with voiceover coaching, slow-motion, and frame-by frame analysis of the video, plus pro tips, corrective exercises, and inspiration and motivation that will lead them to success. It’s pretty sick actually…I’m super-stoked!”

Bud Keene

Sessions can be purchased one-at-a-time through the App, or for a more economical price per-session and an ongoing connection with Bud or another coach on the BKPRO App, an athlete can choose from 3 separate “season pass” options available directly on their online locker page. Bud will be bringing on more and more coaches, and even athlete/coaches over the coming weeks and months, to give users a truly worldwide network of options when looking for expert advice to help them get things done.

Down load the app and I look forward to seeing your clips roll in!

Have a great season!

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