A Kiwi loving life engaged to the beautiful Ashley South, based in New Zealand – Wanaka is home.

Adventure Lover
My interests and passions have earned me opportunities to travel the world in search of snow, friendly cultures and live by an adventure philosophy.

Snowboard Coach
Snowboarding has allowed me to travel around the world to Europe, Canada, America and Japan sharing my knowledge of snowboarding to new riders and instructors. In New Zealand I am a trainer for Rookie Academy and SBINZ. In 2015 & 2019 I join a team representing SBINZ in Argentina & Bulgaria. Recently coached a NZ paralympian to the podium at the X Games & assistant coach in Pyeongchang, South Korea

Doner Advocate
In November 2011 I donated my left Kidney to my Dad. To this date we are still both healthy, active and adventurous people. Sharing this story of success is a passion of mine and I am available as a guest speaker at functions and events.

The Untouched Line - Richie Johnston
Say Yes to Adventure magazine Volume 1: The Untouched Line – Richie Johnston



Thank you for the support!
@jones_ausnz @nowbindings



Feel free to contact me if you have any questions,

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