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Celebrating Friends and Family this Chirstmas!

A great 2013 full of great memories spent with Friends and Family. I write this as I spend my 2nd Christmas in NZ since I finished uni in 2003. The last Christmas on Kiwi soil was 4 years ago and even then it didn’t really feel like the celebration it needed to be. This year is different! With the birth of my nephew a few months ago, many of us decided to get together and celebrate it well in Christchurch!

Happy days to come living in Wanaka this year which will be exciting to say the least… I will continue with my assorted projects this Summer, including guiding cyclists down the West coast for VBT. Enjoy this 90 second video, even if you’ve already seen it. How fortunate we are to have a place like Wanaka to live in.

The World Heli Challange 2013

Two weeks of festivities based around Skiers, Snowboarders, film makers and photographers… Not to mention the super fun times spent with friends in the snow sports industry from all over the word.

Enjoy this video by Lachlan Humphreys showcasing Colin Boyd that pretty much sums up what they got up to. An entry fee of $2200 plus will get you into an event of a life time. It is a dream of mine to enter this competition one day…

The generosity of sponsors and the vision by Harro and his team made this event a lot of fun to be around. Bring on next season! World Heli Challange webisite

World Heli Challange Winners 2013

1. Abby Lockhart (NZL)
2. Jessy Brown (CAN)
3. Rachel ‘Ratty’ Sheidow (AUS)
4. Jett Elkins (USA)

1. Will Jackways (NZL)
2. Antti Autti (FIN)
3. Colin Boyd (USA)
4. Yuta Kiyohara (JPN)
5. Clint Allan (AUS)
6. Ian Wood (USA)
7. Ricky Bates (USA)
8. Ben Waclzak (USA)

1. Taylor Rapley (NZL)
2. Briar Peters (NZL)

1. Sam Smoothy (NZL)
2. Taisuke Kusunoki (JPN)
3. Essex Prescott (CAN)
4. Charlie Lyons (NZL)
5. PC Fosse (NOR)
6. Charlie Timmins (NZL)
7. Fraser McDougall (NZL)
8. Harry Giddings (NZL)

Film makers get their prime opportunity to represent their creativity and skill. Enjoy Sam Lynch’s winning video for the Cannon Shoot Out.

Successful Dry July

Thank you for your amazing support this Dry July. With the support of my friends, over $100 was raised personally in cash and online donations.
This money will go towards assisting the many people in NZ who are going through Chemo-therapy.
A month with out alcohol and coffee went very well. Remembering that the company is more important than the drink kept me motivated to keep going. The health benefits were great too! My body (not to mention my remaining Kidney) are thanking me for it.

Thanks to all the support:
Rob & Janey Johnston
Dick Schulze
Keith Stubbs
Kristi Juliussen
Anonymous donor
Anonymous donor

Awesome support from awesome people
Awesome support from awesome people

Dry July

Dry July

Why Not? For the month of July I will stay alcohol and coffee free. I figured it would not only raise a bit of cash for Cancer research but keep me fresh too. More than 2000 Kiwis chose to stay off the booze last July and gathered $550,000 in donations that helped Auckland Hospital’s oncology department purchase 30 purpose-built chemotherapy chairs, install free wi-fi and buy 70 TVs for patients.

As many of you now know because of the solo Kidney I am much more aware of diet and drinking, so this is yet another step in the direction of healthy living. Both friends and family of mine and perhaps yours have been affected by the draining results of Chemo Therapy… Please take a moment to click on the link and see my progress towards Dry July, thanks!

Bike B.C.

“Pay Attention” I tell myself as I set off down a narrow path riding two wheels in the woods. I’m following a group of locals who know the twists and turns well, which inspires the growing confidence in me. These locals have become good friends of mine during my season in Whistler which has made my season even more special. What better way to finish a Winter by spending most days exploring the immense trail network in the Whistler Valley area. Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and even some Vancouver trails kept me entertained during the last weeks I spent in Canada.

Below are some of the photos I snapped along the way including maps of the area using my Garmin cycle GPS.

British Columbia has plenty of trails to keep a keen biker entertained. I was fortunate to get a taste of what the area can offer. Returning to B.C in the future is definitely an option and these days spent in the forest with friends has only inspired me to enjoy a Summer… Soon.






Pemberton Crew
Pemberton Crew

Pemberton Map
Pemberton Map

Whistler valley



UBC Loop
UBC Loop

Lost Lake, Whistler
Lost Lake, Whistler
Endless fun
Endless fun


Now that I have returned to NZ the biking is still near the top of my priorities. Old and new trails while exploring with friends continue to get me stoked. This weekend some friends and I will drive North and fly into the Heaphy Track with the bikes! Watch this space…

The 16th Annual Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom

Racing back to Whislter in a rental car from Squamish I do the math in my head. Will we be able to pick everyone up in time and make it out to Big White before ‘Check In’? It’s a beautiful Spring day which makes for great road-trips and we certainly did as 7 of us squeezed our boards, boots, bodies and bags and took off down the Kokahala Highway.

An epic weekend filled with excellent snow, friendly company and a competition which is like no other. This is my 3rd season participating in this event and I can honestly say it was my most favorite weekend of the season. As I won the Mens’ 25-34 category last season it was only appropriate that I step up to the PRO division and compete with the big boys. World Cup racers and Olympic level athletes strap in beside me as I prepare myself for one of two runs down a rutted, fogged in & hair raising course. Day one went very well as I placed 3rd however a crash on a berm day 2 lowered my place to 8th overall. Martin Juare and JP Fok landed themselves with a podium! 270 keen snowboarders and snowskaters of all ages and abilities participated in what is believed to be one of the most respected banked slaloms in the world.

Many thanks goes to Flynn Seddon and his event staff along with Big White for hosting another fine event. The sponsors were proud to be part of the event and were yet again generous with their schwag and prizes. Of course there is a huge thank you to the special group of friends I had the pleasure of traveling, living and riding with over the weekend… Let us aim to make this event bigger and better for the Whistler Crew next season!

16th Annual Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom from Richie Johnston on Vimeo.