The World Heli Challange 2013

Two weeks of festivities based around Skiers, Snowboarders, film makers and photographers… Not to mention the super fun times spent with friends in the snow sports industry from all over the word.

Enjoy this video by Lachlan Humphreys showcasing Colin Boyd that pretty much sums up what they got up to. An entry fee of $2200 plus will get you into an event of a life time. It is a dream of mine to enter this competition one day…

The generosity of sponsors and the vision by Harro and his team made this event a lot of fun to be around. Bring on next season! World Heli Challange webisite

World Heli Challange Winners 2013

1. Abby Lockhart (NZL)
2. Jessy Brown (CAN)
3. Rachel ‘Ratty’ Sheidow (AUS)
4. Jett Elkins (USA)

1. Will Jackways (NZL)
2. Antti Autti (FIN)
3. Colin Boyd (USA)
4. Yuta Kiyohara (JPN)
5. Clint Allan (AUS)
6. Ian Wood (USA)
7. Ricky Bates (USA)
8. Ben Waclzak (USA)

1. Taylor Rapley (NZL)
2. Briar Peters (NZL)

1. Sam Smoothy (NZL)
2. Taisuke Kusunoki (JPN)
3. Essex Prescott (CAN)
4. Charlie Lyons (NZL)
5. PC Fosse (NOR)
6. Charlie Timmins (NZL)
7. Fraser McDougall (NZL)
8. Harry Giddings (NZL)

Film makers get their prime opportunity to represent their creativity and skill. Enjoy Sam Lynch’s winning video for the Cannon Shoot Out.

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