The Hidden Agenda Projects

Earlier this month a friend, snowboard buddy and talented artist by the name of Kris Kupskay and I left the mountains and ventured into the city. Just outside of Vancouver is an area called Maple Ridge and there was a Gym in need of some love. Kris had been contacted by the local principal and teacher of Connex School to liven up the wall of the school gym. We wanted to create something interesting and unique so Kris had a yoga guru, Julia Mccabe join us…

Since aquiring a GoPro camera from Whistler Blackcomb, it has been a goal of mine to create a video like this. A goal and the passion to drive it, is the direction I want Mind Resolutions to move in. To help me portray this concept, I filmed and editied 4 minute video of the time lapse footage, Kris painting and Julia practicing Yoga. Perhaps you could share it to those who you think will appreciate it!

Connex Gym Art & Yoga Time Lapse from Richie Johnston on Vimeo.

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