Mono Kidney

This time last week I was getting some anesthetic injected next too my spine and there were Doctors and Nurses scurrying around me making final preparations for surgery. The last seven days have been a blur, partly due to the countless vials of morphine and other opioids.

Six months ago Dad’s Creatine readings (to measure Kidney function) were at 500 and dangerous enough to start Dialysis. They should be between 85-120 depending on body composition. Two weeks ago it spiked above 600. He had a check up this morning and it has dropped below mine! It’s proof that the new healthy Kidney is very efficient at cleaning his blood and filtering out toxins. His legs are not puffy/achy anymore and his ability to sleep has improved. His medication tray is quite impressive though as he as many assorted pills to stop his body rejecting the new organ.

During my discharge on Friday, my surgeon and doctor knew of my energetic lifestyle and warned me to keep physical activity to a minimum for 4-6 weeks – especially lifting. The hospital staff have been wonderful and Dad and I expect a full and smooth recovery.

Below are the rest of the photos I took along the way, not so graphic this time – except of course the photo of the Dad’s kidneys in the tray…

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