It is done! (Caution: Graphic photos below)

I wake to the sound of machines beeping and the familiar smell of hospitals. My abdomen feels tight and a little swollen. There are tubes coming out of my body including a catheter which drains my bladder. I vomit multiple times and the constant waves of fatigue will be something I need to get used too.

The phone rings and it’s my Dad! He cracks a joke and I instantly know he’s okay. I have spoken to him a few times since the operation took place on Monday morning. It is now Wednesday and I will finally be able to visit him.

Prior to the operation we asked our surgeons if it was possible to have photos taken throughout the procedure, or ‘harvest’ as they liked to call it. They said yes, and the assistants took a couple of shots. Read no further if you feel queazy at the sight of blood, guts & organs!

We will both stay in hospital for another day or two. The doctors need too see/hear our bowls are moving and the pain is under control – the morphine and other assortments of pain remedies are helping but often need to be paired with anti-nausia.

Overall we are doing pretty well and able to move around on our own. Dad’s operation was less invasive so he will naturally make a faster recovery. Mum, Dad and I will eventually move out and head to Dunedin to recover some more. Then I will make my way back to Wanaka before the end of the month… Fingers crossed i’ll be in Whistler soon.

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5 thoughts on “It is done! (Caution: Graphic photos below)”

  1. Richie you a remarkable man…great to see the operation photos, I must admit I do miss Theatres every now and again now I’ll probably no longer ever work as a nurse in Australia.
    Transplant surgeries and cardiac were always my favourite, interesting pre and post care. Take care of yourself listen to your body and recover well ready for an epic season in Whistler.
    I wish you and and your family great health now and lots of love Carolyn xx

    1. Thank you Carolyn, your words of support are great and I value your encouragement along with the ‘take it easy’ approach! I will be sure to pull the reigns in and not shred too early. Good call for sure. What an interesting job you did once. It’s pretty cool too hear the stories of how each persons transplant came about huh. The nurses have been super helpful and the docs are very knowledgable. I’m in a good space. Thanks again 🙂

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