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The Caples Adventure

Friend and room mate Emile and I decided to go exploring. We chose the Caples track which is West of Lake Wakatipu, less than an hour drive from Queenstown. Two nights in the bush staying at the Upper Caples hut was a great way to switch off from the day to day life in Wanaka. Easy to follow tracks, inspiring views, friendly company along the way made for a great trip.

Getting grounded

After 3 weeks of being home in Wanaka, the feeling of being home is a good one. Lakes, mountains and the local bike tracks have kept me entertained and focused. A few cuts down my right leg after biking the Dean’s bank track along with my first experience paddle boarding to note a few.

I have been meeting with local Tourism operators and learning more about what I can offer them. The more I find out about this industry, the more I want to be part of it. Bring on the snow season and the challenges and successes that go with it.