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Banked Slalom Success | The South Island Tour

What a great season for Banked Slaloms! A very large THANK YOU to all the riders, sponsors, resorts, event crew and supporters to help make these events possible.

These events bring the snowboarding community together like no other event. The majority of events I have been to over the years have sold out out because of the atmosphere and good times. Stoked to have stood on the podium 4/4 times this season and rode with a great crew of friends each time. Big thanks to NeverSummer, Candygrind, Icebreaker & Outside Sports. Your support is very much appreciated.

Bring on an even bigger Banked Slalom scene in New Zealand next year… Let’s turn this into a festival…

Cheers for a great season!

2016 Wanaka Beerworks Banked Slalom | Treble Cone

A huge thanks to all the competitors, supporters and organisers who helped make the Banked Slalom a great day. Almost 100 shredders turned up for the annual event which was held in the famous Gun Barrel on Treble Cone.

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate snowboarding and the fun people an event like this brings together. Originating from the CORE of snowboarding, this type of gathering stays true to it’s roots and always delivers a great atmosphere.  A tight and technical course made it challenging, even for the seasoned riders and the light made for some interesting line choices.

Banked slaloms in NZ so far…
Treble Cone
Cardrona Alpine Resort
Coronet Peak……

Check out the event video produced by myself and the talented team at 360newzealand.

There I go ... Not sure if I was smiling or crying ... Wanaka Beerworks Treble Cone Banked Slalom
There I go sliding into 2nd place Open Mens & 3rd overall… Not sure if I was smiling or crying … Wanaka Beerworks Treble Cone Banked Slalom

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Treble Cone Banked slalom | Riding with Giants

A great day for snowboarding…

The 2015 DB Banked Slalom starring a mix of local and pro riders including Terje Haakonsen, Danny Davis, Mikkel Bang, Scotty Lago, Ben Ferguson and Amber Schuecker was battled out on one of Treble Cone’s natural halfpipes. My result was not quite as good as last year because of a wee crash, however I managed 10th. Thanks to Thierry Huet Professional Photographer & Sponsors DB Export and Never Summer NZ.

Bringing it back to how the sport started… Bring on a New Zealand/Southern Lakes Series I say!

Official Video by 360 New Zealand