Cycling the West Coast

After a surprisingly sunny 50km ride from Fox to Bruce bay we stop for a substantial snack. Broni has driven ahead to prepare one of her infamous road-side buffets which bring smiles to the faces of hungry cyclists.

As I reach for a Tim Tam I hear Betsy, one of the 20 Americans travelling with us scream “Dolphins!” I look down over the beach filled with golden sand and drift wood and spot a pod of Hector Dolphins not far from the shore. I drop my shorts and strip on the spot and scramble down to he beach. As I run half naked towards the water I wonder if anyone is following me. Bounding into the surf, I confirm with myself that those dorsal fins are attached to friendly creatures with small teeth. Splashing around like an idiot making the sounds of a snork about 20 dolphins swim with me!

It’s unique encounters like these that has made my Summer great fun. The people the other guides and I meet while working for VBT are super interesting and can all offer a story or two. Most of the Travellers are from the States and have come to NZ to enjoy the increasingly popular active vacations.

Spending time with each guest has given me the opportunity to surround myself with retired and semi-retired professionals who are more than willing to offer invaluable lessons in life. They believe in many values which are in line with my own, including getting out there and living life to its fullest. Each one of them has a unique story to tell and are curious of my own, even after a 3 course meal, boarder-line food coma and a couple of glasses of NZ’s finest wine!

This work is a a little bit different from the Snowsports industry and I’m enjoying the new challenges that this job brings. These include logistics, people management, activities, relations with local hotels and adventure activity providers. Tourism is still strong in NZ and the people of the West Coast have a huge responsibility to maintain the 100% Pure reputation we’ve earned over the years and it is still a treat every time spend time over there.

Whether you’re a kiwi or not and not seen the west coast in a while, I strongly reccommend to take a trip. Too often we spend travel time insulated by steel and glass when we drive through a new area. There is much to experience on a bike, perhaps you’ll choose to ride next time…

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