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Wanaka for Gigatown 2014!

Gigatown is a 12 month competition run by Chours New Zealand to decide who will be the first town in the Southern hemisphere to access a one gigabit per second (1Gbps) internet connection.  That means 100x faster internet than what we are currently using. For all of us here in Wanaka, and for those who would like to live here, this would be a huge step to help our community develop further and encourage future investment, business development and greater opportunities.

There are 27 ‘towns’ currently taking part in the Gigatown competition where Chorus is deploying fibre to bring ultra-fast broadband services within reach of Kiwi homes and businesses.  After 12 months the top five will be selected and then battle it out to see who will become the first town. Currently, Oamaru is leading. Really?! The good news is that we need to stay in the top 5. Wanaka is currently 3rd, behind Porirua.

If you have an interest in Wanaka for work, holiday or have friends there, now is the time to sign up.  Visit  When you sign up Wanaka gets 10 points! Be sure to nominate your page by registering. Thank you so much!

Be sure to nominate your page.
Be sure to nominate your page.

There are opportunities to receive points across Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, WordPress and Tumblr to win points.   And our Hashtags for Wanaka are #GigatownWanaka & #GigatownWKA . A great start would be to go though all your Wanaka instagram photos and hash tag the above.

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